The Evolution of Ultra Slim Porcelain Slabs


The evolution of slim porcelain slabs has allowed for a range of applications and spaces to be tiled that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Creating a new flair bringing design concepts to life, the large format slabs have a versatility for floor and vertical wall surfaces, inside and outside.

The Cotto d’este Kerlite tile is a fibre-glass reinforced slab with material thicknesses ranging from as little as 3mm, up to 6mm. The latest technology allows for the following important characteristics:

  • Waterproof properties with zero water absorption allowing less water to penetrate into the surface.
  • They have an extremely high breaking point which offers a degree of flexibility and ease during installation, as well as suitable capability to high-traffic areas.
  • Environmentally friendly with the use of a high percentage of recycled materials.
  • Light-weight – convenience to install and cost effective when it comes to transport.

Suitable for commercial and residential environments, the product is seen as an excellent alternative to natural stone, and of course at only a fraction of the cost of a natural product.

With the Kerlite range Cotto d’este has brought a new life to modern projects, and offers a new dimension to modern architecture.

Check out our Kerlite collections below by clicking on the links underneath, and for a closer look feel free to request a sample of this unique ceramic material.

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