‘Snap, Crackle and POP…’ Bathroom Project in Surrey

“A glamorous policewoman is chasing a mysterious criminal around the walls of a new Bernard Arnull collection. This is the story of Pop: a project that breaks with conventions to bring comic art into a new dimension.”

The dimension of a tile collection manufactured by Imola, and inspired by the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein. 10 different illustrated tiles alternate with a colour range of 10 bright colours to recount this exciting adventure of facial close-ups, cult symbols and explosive exclamations. Wow!

On a recent residential project in Surrey, working in collaboration with our client, we were able to produce a dazzling design of colour with a cartoon theme. The ‘POP’ collection offers the opportunity to blend two unique cartoon mixes, to contrast with double-fired bright colours in gloss finish.

Check out the ‘POP’ collection by clicking here.

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