Anti-microbial interior products in a COVID-19 world

Cluny – Kitchen Countertop

We hear so often about the potential consequential changes to the way we live and work as a result of this pandemic, with ‘the new normal’ often quoted. So how will this effect the workplace environment longer term?

A recent study by the Architectural Record in the USA raises the importance of awareness around anti-microbial substances in the workplace, with a negative impact on those within the workplace and the environment.

However, as companies seek clarity on the transmission of diseases such as COVID-19 within the workplace, one suggestion is with the use of anti-bacterial interior finishes with high levels of hygienic performance.

Solutions are not necessarily a new phenomenon, and here at Bernard Arnull we have been collaborating a few years now with a specialist Italian manufacturer, with a passion for producing anti-microbial porcelain stoneware surfaces using greener technologies.

Using an anti-bacterial shield incorporated into the ceramic material, these anti-microbial products are proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria from within the surface which are also unalterable by climate or conditions including with or without sunlight.

Here are some selected examples of products from our hygiene line, with healthy workplace and home living in mind:

PIETRA d’ISEO range, which is produced in 6mm for inside use, with a 20mm option for outside.

Our CLUNY range is inspired by burgundy stone in an array of impressive colours. Available in ultra slim large format slabs in 3mm and 6mm thickness, making this a versatile material for a seamless floor and wall finish, as well as for kitchen counter-tops.

For more information about our anti-microbial products, contact us at , where can advise further, and dispatch samples for your perusal.

In the meantime stay safe!