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‘PLAY’ from Bernard Arnull and a creation by ABK, is a wide-ranging collection featuring stylistic solutions drawn from the tradition of cement and majolica tiles. These sophisticated and highly fashionable tiles offer a stunning contemporary design.

Available in Classic, Labyrinth, Re―used, Heritage, Carpet, Edge, String, Etno and Oxide versions, the PLAY collection embraces many different moods inspired by the material appeal of concrete and ancient majolica, tribal-look graphic designs and the colours of painted metal.

  • W
  • F



Size (in mm)

  • 200 x 200mm


  • Carpet Mix grey
  • Carpet Mix Multicolor
  • Classic Brown
  • Classic Cotto
  • Classic Mix Multicolor
  • Classic Sage
  • Classic Sky
  • Edge Mix grey
  • Edge Mix Multicolor
  • Etno Mix Dark
  • Etno Mix Pearl
  • Heritage Clay
  • Heritage Dark
  • Heritage Grey
  • Heritage Pearl
  • Labyrinth Mix Grey
  • Labyrinth Cotto
  • Labyrinth Grey
  • Labyrinth Sage
  • Labyrinth Pearl
  • Mix Grey
  • Oxide Bronze
  • Oxide Jade
  • Oxide White
  • Re-used Mix Clay
  • Re-used Mixed Grey
  • String Mix Cold
  • String Mix Multicolor


  • Matt
  • Metallic

Special Pieces

Special feature tiles available, refer to downloadable range spec sheet for full list and sizes.