MAPEI Mapeguard UM 35

Waterproofing, uncoupling and anti-fracture membrane for cracked and damp substrates and substrates that are not fully cured before installing ceramic and stone tiles for internal and external surfaces without having to copy the layout of distribution joints in the substrate.

Mapeguard UM 35 allows the distribution of stresses also on floorings subject to heavy loads; it is certified as Extra Heavy Commercial Rating according to TCNA test reports complying with ASTM C 627.

When applied on heated screeds or compact heated screeds, Mapeguard UM 35 guarantees that heat is distributed more evenly.

It is semi-transparent and this allows to verify the correct distribution of the adhesive underneath, as well as to easily locate the presence of potential elements passing through surfaces.

The special shape of the embosses offers a perfect mechanical bonding of the adhesive in order to obtain a high adhesion between the ceramic or stone covering and Mapeguard UM 35.

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