Blend – Concrete and Terrazzo Mix

Introducing Bernard Arnull’s ‘Blend’ range. The industrial look of concrete meets the multicoloured textures of terrazzo in a contemporary compositional mix in a brand new P.Tech surface designed to be soft but at the same time achieving an R10 +36 PTV slip rating!

A new chapter in concrete effect porcelain production with this high-definition concrete solution designed to combine with terrazzo, with tiny pebble and fragments of stone in the concrete surface.

Combined with Blend Dots with patterned tiles inspired by terrazzo paving with carefully researched coloured marble chippings to combine with the tiny details in the concrete surface.

  • W
  • F
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Slip Rating

R10Suitable for 10° to 19° slopes
R11Suitable for 19° to 27° slopes

Size (in mm)

Manufactured using the latest Ptech surface technology with a unique soft finish achieving R10 >36 PTV slip resistance

  • 300 x 600mm
  • 600 x 600mm
  • 900 x 900mm
  • 600 x 1200mm
  • 1200 x 1200mm
  • 1200 x 2780mm

Available in 20mm outside finish in non-slip:

  • 600 x 1200mm





  • Matt
  • Natural

Special Pieces