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Bernard Arnull presents Acidic produced by Fondovalle. The imagination that drives innovation has led to the production of these unique metal- inspired lines in realistic shades, with Iron, Silver and Corten. Acidic comes in two large formats, namely 160×320 / 120×240, and is a versatile product that pairs perfectly with other materials of contemporary architecture, in the search for new solutions characterised by a sophisticated design.

  • W
  • F



Slip Rating

R10Suitable for 10° to 19° slopes

Size (in mm)

  • 1200 x 2400 x 6mm
  • 1200 x 1200 x 6mm
  • 24 x 1200 x 6mm



  • Corten
  • Metal Color
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Wood


  • Lapato & Honed
  • Metallic
  • Natural

Special Pieces

Special feature tiles available, refer to downloadable range spec sheet for full list and sizes.