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Bernard Arnull presents Bianco manufactured by LaFaenza. White is a colour with high brightness, but without any hue. More precisely, it contains all the colours of the light spectrum and is also known as an achromatic colour. It is the opposite of black, which is the absence of colour.

Bianco draws its inspiration, creating six distinct marble surfaces with a single common factor, white.

White is offered in the new 90×180 cm format and the classic 90×90 cm format, with two surface versions: one natural with an uneven surface, and one lapped gloss. A real tribute to the classic qualities of marble.

  • W
  • F


La Faenza

Size (in mm)

Polished gloss and Matt finish:

  • 900 x 1800 x 10mm
  • 900 x 900 x 10mm


  • 300 x 300mm


  • BO
  • RE
  • MV
  • Onice
  • ON
  • RA


  • Gloss
  • Lapato & Honed
  • Matt
  • Polished

Special Pieces